Equine Exhibitions and Shows

I enjoy meeting a variety of people at exhibitions and shows. It keeps me in touch with what people want and what they appreciate most.

Watch this space for news of exhibitions and shows next year

New Works

‘A new departure for Caroline McKenzie Fine Arts.’ We are now extending our range of commissions to include individual and family portraits.

Caroline says, “This portrait of Dr Dorothy Brown-Tomlinson had to be done largely from photographs as she lives in Philadelphia, USA. The process I used was to do a series of pastels which were emailed to Dorothy so that she could tell me which was closest to her vision of what her portrait should be. I had to make a few alterations but I was then able to produce a painting that was right for her and a pleasure to do. Here is the result.”

Portrait of Dorothy

Commission Work Stories
Gunner Wellburn
Spirit - horse Art

Gunner Wellburn or ‘Welly’ as he is affectionately called, almost won the 2004 Grand National when he led from the first to the penultimate jump...

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Polly and Rizla
Pinto Braves - horse Art

Polly and Rizla are two mature mares who, as you can see, have a great sense of humour. Liz has had Polly (grey) since 1983, and despite her being...

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Grazing - horse Art

Saracen was very muddy when we met to sketch and take photographs. He obviously had ‘attitude’ and I hope this comes out in the painting.

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