Equine Commissions

A photograph can capture the image of your horse, but it does not often capture the character or spirit. A painting or drawing takes its heart from the essence of its subject be that a horse, a pet, or a person.


Saracen belonged to Frances and was the last of a series of much loved friends. Frances’ Mother, who commissioned the work, wanted to include indistinct images of these two special ponies that wouldn’t detract from Saracen but would be there as a reminder.

Saracen was very muddy when we met to sketch and take photographs. He obviously had ‘attitude’ and I hope this comes out in the painting. Eventually we managed to get what we needed in order to prepare for the painting and the Saracen who emerged, minus mud, but in a sunny field created the right image for the clients.

The finished work included all three and was much praised by both Frances and her Mother who used the image as a screen saver so they could see the picture more often. They also liked the cow parsley and the ladybird who I had added to the picture!

Commission Costs

Caroline will also consider other commissions, for example cats, dogs, horse and rider, and individual portraits of a family member. A non-refundable 50% deposit is required when placing your order.

All commissions come with our satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with the final piece, and we cannot solve the issue, 50% of the final cost will be refunded. Prices for each option can be found on the Commission Pricing page.



Saracen ‘finished’ portrait

Saracen Commission
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